• An easy to use system for training and the quantification of strength and power, designed to give coaches and athletes INSTANT FEEDBACK on power and velocity.
  • A microcomputer system for strength diagnostic, feedback monitoring of weight training and bar/athletic speed/power.
  • Velocity sensor unit with round tubular steel construction housing.
  • Patented retractable kevlar cable with Velcro fastening strap for sure bar hold.
  • Microcomputer that calculates and displays data which is stored for later review.
  • Percentage of max effort is recorded and displayed.
  • Easily used both during training and testing.
  • Ability to test explosive speed and strength speed.

  • Realtime display of peak power and velocity.
  • Average values of power and velocity.
  • Partial average power and eccentric average velocity.
  • Number of repetitions in a set.
  • Percent value of the best repetition in a particular set.
  • Adjustable lower and upper limit via audio feedback. With respect to an increase or decrease of power below or above a predefined percent value of maximum power.
  • Data from up to 500 repetitions can be stored and later retrieved from the memory.

Packge includes:


Velocity sensor unit


Carrying bag



Optional extras:
Computer software
Shows average / peak power and velocity and velocity ñ displacement curve for each repetition.

Data from up to 500 repetitions can be stored

Microcomputer operates from PC and reversely PC operates from microcomputer.

Wireless Tendo Bluetooth connection to the computer.

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