AMR Sport have released a new version of the iRex - renamed the PANTHER. With a significantly upgraded feature set, the PANTHER has been successfully tested by swimmers, sprinters, downhill skiers, wheelchair athletes, BMX riders, rowers, surfers (paddling), speed skaters, ice hockey players and football players from the AFL, rugby union and rugby league codes.

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The PANTHER is precision technology for the measurement of an athlete's velocity in a straight line. It can be used highly accurately for distances up to 30m indoors, outdoors or in the pool. Battery powered means you can go anywhere. depending on the environment accurate data can be obtained up to 50m.



The technology allows for the measurement of instantaneous velocity, is accurate to 2cm and the onboard microprocessor timing is designed to give a precision of 0.1 m/s at maximal running speeds of 12m/s.



Setup is simple, plug it into the computer’s USB port, open up the software and it is ready to go. It's simple design overcomes the setup 'chore' normally associated with timing lights yet, unlike both radar and laser, can work in an aquatic environment. It is the perfect choice for working with small groups of athletes.



The PANTHER capture software captures and analyses the data. The player software allows the examination of each stride, generation of near instantaneous velocity profiles and the comparison of multiple independent trials.
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Improvements to the hardware include:

  • New measurement system via the use of a 10 pulse rotary encoder.
  • Two centimeter accuracy.
  • Improved timing resolution, through the addition of an 80 mhz timing chip.
  • New aluminum CNC machined measurement wheel.
  • Powder coated housing, reducing the effects of corrosion.
  • New IP-67 mini-USB plug including a matching 2M mini-USB to PC cable.
  • New low pressure, low profile IP-67 metal push button for line retraction.

The software has also been completely rewritten in the 'just released' March 2010 Microsoft development technologies.

New features include:-

  • MS SQL Server Compact 3.5 database files for the storage of all data. All trial data now  stored in one file (previously 2 files). Allows for easier movement of data between computers.
  • MS Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 for all the user interface presentation. This is based on the DirectX 3D gaming libraries making extensive use of the onboard video graphics acceleration hardware. (Windows 7 uses the same interface).
  • Support for multi-processor use where applicable.
  • New 'Windows Explorer' like interface for rapidly accessing client trials.
  • Video can now be added to the Playback Module 'post' capture.
  • New playback of up to two videos synched to the data.
  • One video can be captured in real-time. 
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