Q Which way should the batteries be inserted into the iRex?
A The positive terminals should point out of the battery tubes.

Q The string on the PANTHER broke, how do I re-thread the string?
A Step 1: Attach string to reel


Step 2: Thread through line feeder


Step 3: There are two methods depending on what you are teseting for the next part. In our testing we have found method 1 is best for testing swimming and Method 2 for high speed athletes eg. sprinters or BMX riders. Make sure you go around the wheel once for both methods

Method 1 Swimming

Method 2 High speed athletes

Q What string do I use when I replace it?
A All of our testing has been done on the Birkley FireLine Fused original with a line diameter of .3mm and pound test of 20.

Q Does where I postion the PANTHER have any factor in my testing?
A Yes. The PANTHER should be as close to level to the point of attached on the athlete as possible. NB depending on the speed of the athlete we also suggest holding or securing the PANTHER, it can occasionally moves.
Q What distance does the PANTHER measure?
A The PANTHER typically is dispatched with 80-100 metres of string, therefore it can measure out to 80m. However, we suggest the strength of the PANTHER in running is out to 40 metres.

Q I’ve just used the PANTHER and timing lights measuring my athlete’s run over 40m (timing lights were every 10 metres). The time to 40 metres appears pretty close, but the first 10 metres appear quite different. What’s going on?
A This is a great question and here is a simple answer;
The PANTHER is typically attached to the back of the athlete located around the waist. As soon as the athlete moves more than 2 centimetres, the system timer commences.  As the hips are often behind the start line (30 + cm), the 10m line is more than 10m.


Q What are the differences between the Power Analyser and Power Analyser-WL?
A This is a great question and here is a simple answer;
The Tendo Power Analyser as well as the Power Analyser-WL units utilise the same microcomputer unit, so they give the same measurement. The units use different sensor units. The sensor unit for the Power Analyser-WL version is more durable and more suitable for Olympic lift exercises, due to the sensor protection, should the barbell be dropped. Whereas the Power analyser is smaller, more easily transported.
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